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Discovery of the day: mole sauce.



Americans love Mexican food. We consume nachos, tacos, burritos, tortas, enchiladas, tamales and anything resembling Mexican in enormous quantities. We love Mexican beverages, happily knocking back huge amounts of tequila, mezcal and Mexican beer every year. We love Mexican people—as we sure…

“Beautiful things don’t ask for attention.”

 — from The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

The funniest review ever, especially from Christine T. 

Definitely a gift for someone you… hate! :D


Kara Hayward

This girl, and her fiery look.

Moonrise Kingdom

This movie is so adorable.


A Way Up

Two years ago, Boston Globe reporter Billy Baker wrote a profile about two impoverished brothers who came from a difficult home, basically raising and supporting themselves, while also succeeding academically — at the tops of their classes — at a prestigious Boston school.

George and Johnny Huynh were, at the time 15 and 17, and they were basically each others only real support as they got themselves through the vaunted Boston Latin school, dreaming of better circumstances.

The family had little to no money; their father had committed suicide, and their mother struggled — she spoke little English, had suffered “private horrors” from her husband, and said she battled mental problems. The brothers said they could barely communicate with her.

And the brothers still had to deal with the regular problems that all teenagers experience.

- via Boston Globe

Other: http://gawker.com/reporter-follows-up-on-a-hard-story-and-finds-a-really-1484643306

Baby Leo fighting sleep

(not like me as I’d just head straight to bed and snooze whenever I can!)


“If you can’t share, we’ll have to take it away”
- via busymockingbird

If you can’t share, we’ll have to take it away”

- via busymockingbird


Brand illusion

Brand illusion